Low cost IMAP email filter and organizer

A simple to use, self-hosted, trainable IMAP email organizer with digests, quiet hours, smartphone notifications and more. Purchase the code for only $9.95 for a limited time.

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Presale Questions

  • SimplifyEmail should work well with any email that supports the IMAP protocol.  IMAP is supported by most modern email systems including GMail, FastMail, Yahoo, iCloud, et al.

  • SimplifyEmail regularly filters your email using the IMAP protocol, filing messages based on your preferences and eliminating unwanted email. You can receive a digest summary of which folders your email has been organized into every few hours or days (it’s up to you). There’s no need to regularly look through all of your folders for new messages. You do not need to redirect or forward your email in any way. You do not need to change your MX DNS records.

  • Buying a pre-installed image at Digital Ocean is $25. If you want extra hands on assistance you can purchase our premium install for $59. If you’re a techie, buying the code to run on your own server is also $25. We use PayPal for payments.

    Digital Ocean will bill you $5/month separately for the server image. The optional Pushover smartphone application is $4.99. Usage of Mailgun for digests is generally free.

  • No, Simplify Email operates behind the scenes using IMAP on your existing mailboxes. For the most part, you won’t notice it working in the background.

  • Yes, Simplify Email operates behind the scenes using IMAP on your existing mailboxes. You can continue using all your favorite email apps, web clients and desktop apps.

  • No, once you’ve set up the application, you almost never need to log in to the website. You can receive digests summarizing the placement of your email in the folders you specify. You can train the system by dragging and dropping messages into the correct folders and by clicking secure links in the digests which train new senders without requiring you to login.

  • SimplifyEmail runs best on Ubuntu 14.04 Linux with PHP and MySQL. Purchase our pre-installed image at Digital Ocean to ensure that the app works out of the box.

  • SimplifyEmail is written in PHP and MySQL using the Yii Framework. Yii provides a simple Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and Active Record database interface making the code simple to understand and customize.

  • No, we provide the pre-configured image to make it easier and faster for people to get started. However, you can also review the code on the server and verify that all running Linux libraries are from the main Ubuntu distributions.

  • You will receive notifications for any incremental product updates, these are included for free with the purchase price. Major upgrades will require an upgrade fee.  

Support Questions