Low cost IMAP email filter and organizer

A simple to use, self-hosted, trainable IMAP email organizer with digests, quiet hours, smartphone notifications and more. Purchase the code for only $9.95 for a limited time.

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Buy the Fully Supported Valet Install ($59)

Let us install Simplify Email for you. We’ll manage the complexity and help you get started quickly and easily. Purchase the valet install for $59 (Digital Ocean hosting of $5/month is not included).


Buy the Pre-installed Image for Digital Ocean ($25)

Want to get started quickly on your own? Purchase the $25 pre-installed Digital Ocean image. This is the fastest way to set up SimplifyEmail for users comfortable hosting a Linux server. Digital Ocean does charge $5/month separately for the server – which you can use for other purposes as well. If you do not know how to update a DNS record or customize a configuration file in Linux, please purchase the Valet install above for $59 so that we can assist you with these tasks.


Buy the Code to Host Yourself

Host the code on your own server. Simple Monitor is written in PHP & MySQL using the Yii Framework, so it’s easy to customize. We provide installation instructions for a typical Linux server with Apache. Important: Code purchases are AS IS. There are no refunds for code purchases. It’s up to you to properly configure, install and customize the code for your environment.

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Note: If you want device notifications, you’ll need to separately purchase the Pushover.net application for your smartphone, which is $4.99 iOS/Android.