Low cost IMAP email filter and organizer

A simple to use, self-hosted, trainable IMAP email organizer with digests, quiet hours, smartphone notifications and more. Purchase the code for only $9.95 for a limited time.

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💧 Start Instantly

Buy SimplifyEmail pre-installed as a Digital Ocean droplet and get up and running in minutes.

Works with Gmail and IMAP

Manage multiple IMAP mail accounts on Gmail and FastMail (other providers may work but have not been fully tested)

Email Digests

Scheduled digest emails summarize how your messages have been organized so you don’t have to browse through folders.

👥 Whitelisting (optional)

New senders are filtered into a review folder until they click a challenge link to make it into your inbox.

Quiet Hours

Turn off email delivery during late evenings, weekends or pause it with Do Not Disturb.

Zap to Unsubscribe

One click zap instantly blocks annoying mailing lists and spammers.

Track Unanswered Emails

Digests and reports show emails and threads that haven’t been replied to. Also highlights messages you’ve not replied to.

Easy to Train

Train your filter via past sent-email, by clicking links in digests as new messages come in or via reports showing the most frequent untrained senders.

📊 Email Frequency Reports

Charts show who’s sending you the most email over time and who you’re emailing the most.

Autoclean Folders

Expire marketing and list messages after a week or a month to eliminate clutter or autoclean your inbox and other folders by age.

🔒 Encrypted Folder

Drag and drop messages to a secure folder which shreds the message and encrypts the original on your server.

📥 Anonymous Email Addresses

Route messages to specific folders based on your recipient address e.g. use-one-time@yourdomain.com. Makes it easy to use disposable email addresses to reduce spam.

📱 Smartphone Alerts

Receive smartphone notifications based on incoming email via keywords or specific senders.

Host on Your Own Server

Run the code on your own server and customize it to your own needs.